Eager to get started? Getting started with our platform is easy, but requires a few steps.


Install the latest client library via pip:

$ pip install descarteslabs


The latest development version can always be found on GitHub. It can be installed via pip:

$ pip install -U git+https://github.com/descarteslabs/descarteslabs-python.git


Before you can begin using the services provided by the platform, you need to set up authentication credentials. The easiest way is to use the CLI helper:

$ descarteslabs auth login

For non-interactive environments, one needs to set the CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET environment variables. These can be retrieved from the ~/.descarteslabs/token_info.json created from the login process or generated fresh through through [IAM](https://iam.descarteslabs.com).

$ export CLIENT_ID=...
$ export CLIENT_SECRET=...

Using the services

After the credentials are correctly configured, you should be able to easily access the services available to you:

>>> from descarteslabs.client.services import Places
>>> Places().find('illinois')
[{'name': 'Illinois', 'placetype': 'region', ...}]